4 Lessons From Jay’s Tiny House Tour Video

Tiny House Plans

After watching Jay’s tiny house tour video, at least there are four worthy lessons from it. These lessons are living in simple way, be independent, back to nature and healthier environment. Here everything are  showed in simple shape and way. Living on tiny house is living in simple way. This house is very small. Tiny term means very small dimension. On this house we have to smart to arrange and organize furniture without showing clutter sight on this house. God solution for it, is creating creative furniture. For example on this video, we see Jay Shafer take table parts from cabinet then these table parts are assembled to form table to work and put his laptop.

Jay s Tiny House Tour

Living in this tiny house make us learning about home decoration and how to organize everything here. We have to wise to select and put stuffs here. This Jay’s tiny house tour video give lesson us t be independent person. Here we have to do everything without other people helping. So, we have to able to do it by our self. It’s good opportunity to be independent person.

Jay's Tiny House Tour Video

Living in this tiny house also make us feel close to nature. Like back to nature concept. Main material to build this tiny house is wood. Jay Shafer keeps it wood natural pattern without painting it. It makes us living in nature environment.

Tiny House Plans

We can see it on this Jay’s tiny house tour video that living here is healthier for physic and emotion. Why? Usually this tiny house is brought and then stayed on natural environment like on this video. Environment like this is still pure and fresh. Here is less pollution than on big city. Fresher air is available air, so with fresh water without water treatment like on big city. It’s also healthier for emotion, because living here, there are not much things we should think. Everything is simpler. Less thinking means less load and stress.

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