4 Loft Ideas On Tiny House

Modern Tiny House

Loft on tiny house is special and useful place, cause tiny house has very limited space, so all available space is used to maximize its functions. First floor is for living room, bathroom and kitchen. And loft is used for bedroom. This is very small bedroom area. When we explore tiny house ideas, we find four factors to maximize this loft function. These factors are loft design, sleeping room, library room and storage room. Loft design is first important factor. Wider space for loft is better than smaller. Wider give more flexibility to use it. Width, length and height are important.

Tiny House Ideas

Second tiny house ideas to use loft is for sleeping room. This is main function of loft. Wider size is better for sleeping room. It means more loose and comfortable. Wider size bedroom can be used for more than one person. It can be very small bedroom.  To make cheerful this bedroom, all of bedroom fixtures such as bedding, blanket and pillow cover can use floral them. Besides it create cheerful atmosphere, it also create living close to nature.

Decorating Tiny House

Third tiny house ideas is library room. Usually there’s bookshelves on first floor near living room and kitchen. Books are organized here. But, if this bookshelves is not enough, we can create additionally bookshelves on loft. Here will be useful furniture if have hobby reading book. When we are in loft, to take a book, we are not necessary anymore to take from bookshelves on first floor.

Modern Tiny House

Last idea is creating storage room on loft. The only one problem of tiny house is its size. Living on tiny house is living on simple way, because there are not much stuffs we can bring by this tiny house. It’s important to create additionally cabinet or storage room to store anything. This additionally cabinet to keep tidy this tiny house. If we can make bigger or rearrange this loft, we can create cabinet here.

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