4 Material Choices For Home Flooring

Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles On Concrete

There are four materials can be chosen for home flooring. These material are ceramic, wood, carpet and vinyl. These materials has different advantage and weakness. From these all materials,  installing vinyl floor tiles and carpet are easiest. Ceramic is common material for flooring. This material is durable, hard, water and scratch resistant. The weakness of this material is not easy to be replaced and change with other material when we feel bored or want to change flooring appearance. It needs more effort to replace it than other material.

Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles

Wood is second popular floor material. Several advantage install wood as flooring tile are creating shady atmosphere on room, create natural environment and it’s fit for classic and modern home style. Wood is also easy to be installed as long as floor surface is flat. Just use adhesive to install this material. It has the same easiness with installing vinyl floor tiles. But the weakness of this material is it must be cleaned every time regularly from dirt, dust, residual food and so on. And it’s less durable than ceramic.

Installing Vinyl Flooring

Carpet is next alternative. Install carpet as flooring tile is very easy. Just use adhesive to paste it to floor and sharp knife to cut the edge side. Carpet is cheap material. Whenever we feel bored, it can replaced easily then be changed with other model. But this material has several weakness. It’s easy to be dirty and clean dirt from carpet is more difficult than from other material. On humidity area, it can be grown by mildew. And to clean it, it needs special machine. Broom is not enough to clean it.

Installing Vinyl Floor Tiles On Concrete

Last material is vinyl. Installing vinyl floor tiles are very easy as installing carpet. Many various vinyl floor tiles can be found on the store. If we like wood flooring tile style, we can choose vinyl with similar style. It’s almost similar. Vinyl is water resistant, durable, cheap and  easy to be maintained. It’s easy to be replaced and change with other model if we feel bored. It’s fit to be installed on kitchen and bathroom. It will not spend a lot of time and effort to maintain. But this material also has weakness. It’s not fit to be installed on living room.

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