4 Painting Ideas For Living Room Walls

Cool Room Painting Ideas

There are many creative ideas that we can apply to decorate living room wall. Several easy ways are installing wallpaper, poster, art painting and sticker. Decorate living room with creative ideas are  important to make us feel not boring on this important room. Here are five painting ideas for living room walls. These ideas are accent wall, stencil, mural and faux painting. Accent wall, stencil and faux painting are relatively easier than mural. These three techniques can be done by our self, while mural need art talent. If we cannot do it, we can hire someone with good skill and talent to do it.

Painting Ideas For Living Room Walls

First painting ideas for living room walls idea is creating accent wall. This technique is done by preparing light and bold color from one color or two colors choice. For example, if we want paint living room wall with green, we can make it into light and bold green color. Or we can paint one wall side with dark green and other wall sides with white color. Bold color is used to create accent wall to give variation. Usually bold color is used to paint one wall side, and other wall sides are painted in light color. Here, accent wall will be looked striking.

Painting Your Room Ideas

Second  painting ideas for living room walls idea is stencil. Stencil is popular to decorate every rooms. This is flexible wall art. Wall with ornament stencil is looked beautiful, elegant and stylish. There are many designs and styles of stencil that we can bought on the store. To decorate wall with stencil, we need screen printing, paint and roller. The advantage of stencil, this wall and stencil become one unity.

Cool Room Painting Ideas

Third idea is mural. Mural is other decorating technique for wall. If on stencil, design pattern is determined by factory who produce this screen printing, so mural is flexible. We can  create any art painting with mural. It’s like create art painting on wall, not on canvas. To do it, we have to own art talent. Or we can hire local artist to do it. Just give him our decorating concept and he will know what to do.

Fourth idea is faux painting. This technique to create certain textures and patterns on wall. To do it is simple. Just buy faux painting kits on the store. Every faux painting kits come with certain textures and manual to do it.

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