4 Plant Types For Backyard Pool

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Pool on backyard can be decorated in several ways. Besides installing outdoor furniture, planting several plants around this backyard pool can be done. Before planting these plants, make sure these plants will be fit with condition here. Usually temperature around pool is hotter, so these plants must be withstand for heat and drought condition.  These four plant types can be considered: heat resistant plant, drought resistant plant, tropical plant and ornamental grass.

Back Yard Pool

First type is heat resistant plant. It’s fit for backyard pool with hot temperature. This plant will be withstand for this condition. Good plant for this hot backyard pool is cutleaf lilac ( Syringa laciniata ). Besides withstand for hot temperature, this plant is also withstand from mildew. Small lilac give sweet odor. If we look for beautiful flower with good endurance for backyard pool, lilac is the answer.

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Second type is drought resistant plant. This plant can withstand from drought condition. On backyard pool. Butterfly bush is sample plant on this category. It can also withstand without enough water. This plant can make this pool is felt fresh and shady. Some drought plant types have beautiful flower.

Backyard Ideas Pool

Third type is tropical plant. Tropical plants such as palm tree and banana are good to be planted around  backyard pool. Palm is recognized as tree that can withstand from heat and drought condition. Even it can grow on desert and beach. Banana is versatile tree, besides for beautifying backyard pool, these fruits can be harvested.

Fourth type is ornamental grass. Ornamental grass is beautiful plant. There are many types of ornamental grasses. Some of them have beautiful flowers. To decorate with these plants, grouping the same type on one cluster. Around this cluster, we can decorate with white stone, rock or gravel. These stones can be gotten from river or beach.

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