4 Secrets To Make A Very Small Bedroom Look Bigger

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

People who have small bedroom often ask, how to make a very small bedroom look bigger. This is common question because they want their bedroom look larger without adding area. If this area cannot be extended anymore, at least certain decoration can make bigger impression. Actually special treatment can make small bedroom look bigger. And good news, there is one secret to use unlimited free source without spending money at all.

How to Make A Very Small Bedroom Look Bigger

First secret to answer how to make a very small bedroom look bigger is using natural light. Sun has brightening earth for five billion years without stopping. When night come is dark, it doesn’t meant sun stops to shine. Sun light can be used to brightening room to make look bigger. The way to do is building window with proper size and number. Installing big glass sheet as transparent wall is also right to let additionally way for sun to brightening bedroom. For very small bedroom, we have to replace dark from window. Replace with bright fabric. If we like ornament, simple curtain fabric is right choice.

How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bbigger With Paint

Second secret to solve how to make a very small bedroom look bigger problem is giving attention on horizontal and vertical space. Horizontal space can be made larger by avoiding putting big furniture on room and vertical space can be made larger by painting ceiling with white color. As long as this, we are rare to give attention on ceiling, whereas it can provide higher impression. To help creating bigger impression, paint ceiling with lighter color than wall.

How To Make A Small Room Look Bigger

Third secret is keeping this bedroom look bright. To do it, avoid painting wall with dark color. White, neutral and light colors are good options. Dark wall make bedroom felt smaller. Installing shiny hardwood floor can help to make brighter.

Fourth secret is putting several accessories that can support lamp light and natural light. Big mirror, crystal and glass artwork can reflect light to brightening bedroom.

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  1. Shirley

    I am trying to sell a home, it has a large living room, dining room and a medium kitchen. The home was built in 1929, every thing is new in the house but the bedrooms are SUPPER small, 1 is VERY small, the other you can fit a queen size bed and a dresser but that’s all! The back smaller bedroom is you can fit a twin size bed in, it has a built in shelf to sit a t.v on that could be taken out it does has a very small closet, it has 1 long window and 1 small window both of which are new but it is very small, they both are and I need help if I have even a hope of selling this house! Its a nice house all but the bedroom’s! If any one could give me any advise on what to do to make these bedrooms appear to look larger than they are I would GREATLY APPRICIATE IT! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME.

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