4 Simple Ways To Improve Small Bathroom In Low Budget

Small Shower Tub Units

Are you looking for simple small bathroom designs? So, try to makeover it. Remodel or make over by changing building structure will spend a lot of budget. Smart way to avoid it by only changing several items, but able to change entire look dramatically and coming feel good. It will save money very much. Besides that, this technique can be done several times if we like getting new look someday. Look at lighting, furniture and appliance organizing, pain color and accents. All of these ideas come from simple ideas. It will be do-it-yourself task without difficulty.

Simple Small Bathroom Designs

First way to get new look of simple small bathroom designs ideas is changing lighting. Change lamp color can dramatically change bathroom atmosphere. Every color has relationship with mood. Do you want to feel relax? Try blue. Do you want to feel romantic? Pink is yours. Select lamp that can add style and improve feeling good at bathroom. It will not spend a lot of budget.

Simple Small Bathroom Ideas

Second way is removing clutter. For simple small bathroom designs, removing clutter is a must. Check again what furniture, appliance and fixtures that never be used, then removing. Also removing boring accessories. It will give additionally free space.

Small Shower Tub Units

Third way is changing wall color with new paint. Repaint wall is fast way to make new visual appearance on small bathroom. If your bathroom is felt small, then light colors will work well to make look bigger. Light color is not always white. Good guidance for small bathroom, try to paint ceiling with lighter color than wall because it will make ceiling look higher.

Fourth way is adding new accent. Great accent addition is essential on making over simple small bathroom designs. Change mirror frame with simple decorative frame. Change shower curtain with new ornament, replace old towel with new towel and buy new place for soap. Sometime, small accent addition can bring big difference. So, don’t feel doubt to start.

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