4 Small Useful Things At Home

Mail And Key Holder

Actually there are four small useful things at home. These things are letter and key holder, fingertip towel holder, art furnishing article and wooden toys. Two first things are appliances for storing stuffs and two last things are home decoration elements. Letter and key holder is an appliance to store letter and key. This appliance is right to be placed above table on family room where people put and take anything with high frequency. But to protect from kids, it can be installed on the wall. This appliances commonly are made from wood or stainless steel.

Letter And Key Holder

After letter and key holder, there’s fingertip towel holder. This is appliance for hanging fingertip towel. Fingertip towel is term for very small towel, to distinguish it from small towel. This towel usually is used to wipe face and hand after washing. It can be placed on bathroom, near washbasin or in kitchen. Similar with letter and key holder, this appliance commonly is made from wood or stainless steel.

Letter And key holder Rack

Art furnishing article can be made from wood, resin or copper. This is home decoration element. It can be placed anywhere, such as on bookshelves, cabinet, table console, window cushion seat. Art furnishing article from resin has many various shape, design and color. This material can be formed in many shapes. It’s more flexible than wood and copper. Resin is also easy to be colored. Usually art furnishing article take animal, people and abstract shape as its design. Putting it under lamp is very good. It will be glow. It’s also good to be put near letter and key holder.

Mail And Key Holder

Wooden toys are versatile thing. It can be used as kids toys, but it also good as home decoration element. Similar with art furnishing article, it can be placed anywhere. Good idea to decorate this wooden toys is by placing it into glass box then put it on cabinet under table lamp. It will be looked exclusive.

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