4 Steps To Design And Build Your Own House

Design My Own Building

There are four simple streps to design and build your own house. These step is designing floor plan, determine house architecture, calculate budget and building house.  Starting from designing floor plan. To make easier, we can use software to design house floor plan. Measure first accurately land dimension, width and length and then determine how wide this house will be built. Don’t spend all of area for building. It’s better if there’s yard around this house. It’s for creating freshness. It doesn’t matter if we plan basic house plan then someday we build new room, for example on loft. To do it, I must be adapted house grown concept.

Design And Build Your Own House

Second step of design and build your own house is determining house architecture. This is become second step, because it will follow its house floor plan. To do it, we must draw front side view, left side view, right side view and back side view. If we have no idea to do it, we can find ideas from internet. There are a lot of good house architecture style. Choose Which one we like, then adapt with our house floor plan.

Design And Build Your Own House Online Free

Third step of  design and build your own house is calculating budget. Write and specify all detail materials we need. Calculate too how many months this house will be finished. How many people will be needed too build this house. Calculate all of cost to buy building materials and cost to pay people. Add with contingency cost to anticipate if there is unpredictable cost. It’s better if all of materials are bought together to anticipate from suddenly price increasing. If it’s happen, it will spend more budget.

Design My Own Building

Fourth step is building this house based on this house plans. If we have ability, we can do it by our self. Recruit people to do and we control their work  every day. If we don’t sure to control building activity, we can hire building consultant to help us control this building activity. Building progress checklist is important to be prepared to control and evaluate this building process.

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