4 Theme Ideas For Brave Boys Teenage Rooms

Teenage Room Themes

For brave boys, theme that reflect bravery, adventure and fighting are good choice. It will be fit with their character. Boys like this will not be easy to feel afraid of anything. They like to try something new and challenge them self to do anything. Knight theme, cowboy theme, Spiderman theme and pirate theme are few interesting samples to decorate these boys teenage rooms. Other theme like Batman and Superman are also good, but it will be similar with decorating with Spiderman theme, so I think Spiderman theme can be also representation from similar superheroes theme.

Teenage Room

First boys teenage rooms theme is knight theme. Knight is fighter or warrior from the past. Few examples to decorate with knight theme: decorate wall with knight fighting decal, bedding sets with dragon and knight picture, pillow with kingdom symbol picture, put knight helmet above cabinet, put knight drive horse toy on cabinet and so on.

Teenage Room Design

Second boys teenage rooms theme is cowboy. Cowboy like Lucky Luke is very popular for boys. To decorate bedroom with cowboy theme, several ways can be done: decorate wall cowboy drive horse or with horse carriage, install Lucky Luke poster, bedding sets with cowboy pictures and so on.

Teenage Room Themes

Third theme idea is Spiderman theme. Every boys know Spiderman. Its movie become box office in the word. Super hero with net that is able to jump from one building into other building is liked very much by boys. Several examples to decorate boys bedroom with this theme are decorating wall with Spiderman actions decal, bedding sets with Spiderman net picture, table lamp with Spiderman picture on cap and so on.

Fourth theme is pirate theme. This theme is inspired from Pirate Caribbean movie. Everything about pirate adventure can be displayed here. Several ways to decorate with this theme: decorate wall with pirate ship, pillow with pirate picture, bedding sets with pirate adventure picture and so on.

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