4 Things Must Be Avoided From Small House Plans

Small House Plans With Loft

If we want to create comfortable and elegance small house plans, there are four things that we must avoid. These things are dark color theme, crowded look, less window and ventilation  and too much decoration elements. The main problem on small house is limited space and the most important task is how to make this small house is looked larger than real dimension and felt comfortable for all of family members. Light color good choice for small house. Don’t use dark color. All of colors in dark type are not good. It will make this small house is felt crowded.

Small House Plans

Second thing we must avoid from small house plans is crowded look. This crowded look can be caused from several things.  Dark color theme, too much furniture and appliances at home, wrong room interior decoration and there are not enough storage place to store anything. For small house, storage place is important. This storage place can be put anywhere. The best way is by hiding this place. It can be done by building storage place on loft, basement and by painting cabinets with the same color with room wall. It can make this small house is always looked tidy and clean.

Small House Plans Modern

Third thing is less window and ventilation. These are important house elements on small house plans. Small house needs enough window and ventilation. Window and ventilation are needed for air circulation. Besides that, sun light can brighter room through this window. Small house without enough window and ventilation will be looked stuffy. For small house, these elements are better to be built on every rooms.

Small House Plans With Loft

Fourth thing that cause small house is looked bad is there are too much decoration element on house. Simple room interior style is better for small house. To decorate this house is by only placing needed furniture and appliances. Then decorate it with simple style. Keep it always tidy, clean, well organized and elegance.

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