4 Things We Should Prepare Before Installing Ceiling Chairs For Bedroom

Chairs That Hang From Ceiling

Sitting on ceiling chair is exciting. It will give more new sensation than other chair type. It’s fit for kids because kids are lighter than adult people. If our kids ask ceiling chairs for bedrooms to be installed on their bedroom, we have to inspect several things first before doing it. Ceiling chair is more risk than other chair type, even though this chair has other advantage than other chair doesn’t have. So, what things that we should inspect first before installing this chair on kids bedroom?

Ceiling Chairs For Bedrooms

First thing before installing ceiling chairs for bedrooms is inspecting ceiling strength and construction. Make sure that ceiling construction can hold all of load from this chair. Maybe this chair is light, but after kids sit here, this load will be higher. Ceiling with good construction can hold these all loads, if not it can collapse. Danger for kids. If this ceiling construction is good, this installing can be done. If this ceiling construction is not good, we have to add new construction on the roof first. Maybe we can add big wood or iron on roof.

Ceiling Chairs For Kids

Second thing before installing ceiling chairs for bedrooms is preparing strong rope. Besides strong ceiling construction, strong rope is also important. Bad rope will not able to hold all of load and it can be broken. Chain or rope for climbing sport are good example rope for this purpose.

Chairs That Hang From Ceiling

Third tip is preparing soft chair for this ceiling chair, or at least adding soft mattress on this chair. Make sure this chairs is made from high quality material and light. And make sure there is part to install rope on this chair.

Fourth tip is giving short distance between this chair and floor. It’s for anticipating. So, if something happen, for example if this rope is broken or chair is damage and kids fall into floor, it will not cause serious accident.

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