4 Types Of House Wall Material

Cost Of Materials To Build A House

Material to build a house usually use brick, wood, iron, stone, ceramic, glass, roof tile, cement and so on. These materials are used to build from foundation until roof. But if we make classify for house wall, it can fall into four categories. These categories are brick, wood, stone and glass. Most application is by combining these materials together.  Brick is common material for building house wall. Most house types, from classic until modern house architecture use brick as main material for wall. Brick is widely used because it’s durable, tidy and it can absorb and dispose heat. Besides that this material can be gotten with affordable price.

Material To Build A House

Second material is wood. Wood is other popular material for building wall. Use wood as material to build a house can make this house close to nature. We can find houses with wood as main material on rustic or suburb region. Wood can be used as house wall, but it can also be used as main material. Here, this wood is used for wall, floor and roof. Some house types with wood as main material are tree house, tiny house and rustic house. If we want to feel living in green environment, building a house with wood is good choice.

Material To Build A Deck

Third material to build wall is stone. We still find a house with its wall is built by stone. Usually this house is built on rustic and suburb region. Use stone as material to build a house can make this wall become strong. This is an advantage of this material as wall material, but the weakness is this material comes in irregular shape. It’s difficult to build flat wall with stone. On modern house, stone is used as an exterior element. Usually natural stone is chosen to be used. This stone is cut in regular shape and then be arranged and installed on the wall. It’s just for beautifying.

Cost Of Materials To Build A House

Last material is glass. Nowadays we can find modern house and building use glass as main material for wall. House and building like this are looked very modern. This house type is most expensive, because price of thick and big glass are higher than brick, stone and wood.

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