4 Uniqueness From Slide Italian Pool Lights

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Do you want your swimming pool and garden are looked unique and stand out from the crowd? And do you want to impress your guests and friends when they come into your home? If the answer is yes, then try to decorate your swimming pool and garden with Slide Italian pool lights. This stuff is designed by Slade, famous design studio from Italia. It has shape like big ball. It has many colors choice. On the day, it will be looked like big ball or big egg. While on the night, it can be shined like moon fall into your yard. Wow, who will not be impressed with these amazing decorating elements? At least, decorating your garden and swimming pool with these stuffs have four uniqueness.

Slide Italian Pool Lights

First uniqueness is standing out from the crowd. Usually, swimming pool is decorated with outdoor furniture, such as table, chair and big umbrella. Then these furniture are completed with pillow. Some of swimming pools are beautified with LED lamps to create interesting effect. This is good, but this is standard decoration. If we look for unique alternative and want to make exclusive look, then these Slide Italian pool lights are good choice. Who ever imagine there is outdoor lamp like this before it?

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Second uniqueness is these Slide Italian pool lights have very unique design and shape. It’s simple like ball, but no one think to make outdoor decorating element like this before it. It can transform our outdoor view in very fresh new look.

Floating Pool Lights

Third uniqueness is these Slide Italian pool lights can be put anywhere on yard. It can be put on swimming pool. Here, these stuffs will be float like commonly ball on water. Besides on swimming pool, it also beautiful to be put on the garden such as on the grass or beside flower plants. It’s also beautiful to be put in front of home. Well, who ever think to make amazing decoration like this before it?

Fourth uniqueness is on the night time, these stuffs will shine like a moon on your yard. It’s very creative product, beyond imagination. For  thousands years people know that moon on the night will be looked like white big ball, and now we can make it happen on our yard.

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