5 Benefits Of Hand Built Homes

Hand Made Houses

Dou want to own a house with unique design, low cost and eco friendly? If the answer is yes, so please try to create hand built homes by your hand. It can be your primary or secondary home. Developing home like this will be interesting challenge for us. From beginning until the end of building process, we create with our own creativity, knowledge and skill. So, what will we wait for? Home like this is good to be built on fresh area, such as on rustic or suburban region, where environment there is still relatively pure, fresh and less pollution. Great place for healthy living.

Hand Built Homes

First benefit of these hand built homes are living in eco friendly environment. Most people build home like this on rustic or suburban region. Why? So many reasons can be explained. Building there will save money, because for building construction materials, it can use cutting wood that can be gotten there. Environment there are surrounded with so many trees. Just cut tree as much as we want. At least, if we have to buy, it can be bought on cheap price than buy on city. To create unique house, we can use irregular cutting wood shape and then arranged to form home structure and construction.

Hand Built Homes Building

Second benefit is healthier environment. Living there give fresh air and water. Environment there is still pure. If we want to live in are with less pollution level, this is good place choice. It’s healthier physically and emotionally. Healthy environment will give positive atmosphere. Besides that, every day looking at green trees will get healing effect. As we know, green color has ability to come healing effect.

Hand Made Houses

Third benefit of these hand built homes are low budget. Why? Because we don’t necessary to pay architect to design this house and we don’t necessary to purchase ready made design. This house design is simple. Everybody is free to create whatever design and shape that they like. Besides that, building materials for this house can be gotten easily. Sometime is free.

Fourth benefit is on unique design. Because everybody can be free to explore their creation to create its design, so we will find many hand built homes have very unique design.

Fifth benefit on satisfaction. However, do it all process by our self give more satisfaction. Here we can expose our taste, style and personality on this house.

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