5 Colors Ideas To Coordinate With Sage Green Color

Decorating Sage Green Walls

Sage green is gender neutral color that will be fit for many purposes home decorating. Sage green can be used to create masculine and feminine look room. Sage green is perfect color eye catching. It’s felt soft for eyes. It’s good as colors alternative to create relaxing room. To give variation, light and bold sage green can be applied on the wall. Bold sage green to create accent wall. Accent wall with bold sage green can be beautiful focal point on a room. On this accent wall, it can be decorated with art painting and poster. Sage green can work well for big and small house. At least there are five color options if we will decorate room with sage green. Every color can create certain atmosphere.

Wall Pictures With Sage Green

First color is French blue. Look at first wall pictures with sage green color coordinating. This French blue make this room is looked soft, beautiful and good for relaxing room. Sitting here is very pleasant. It can reduce tension, release stress, reduce anxiety and so on. It’s good for returning physical and emotional condition.

Sage Green Wall Color

Second color is chocolate brown. On second wall pictures with sage green color coordinating. Chocolate brown is earth tone color. It can create organic look, reflect earth tone color. Chocolate brown is wood color. Hardwood floor is good for this room.

Decorating Sage Green Walls

Third color is cream. Now please look at third wall pictures with sage green color coordinating. Combined with sage green, cream color is perfect to create feminine style room. It’s good for woman and girls.

Fourth color is gold. Gold is gender color. It can be applied for man and woman room. If we like Tuscan style or Italian countryside style, try gold color coordinating with sage green to decorate wall.

Fifth color is brick red. This color is looked like brick. This color is also fit for decorating room with Tuscan style. Similar with chocolate brown, brick red is right color to reflect natural element.

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