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5 Ideas To Decorate Backyard

Landscape Backyard Ideas

Backyard can be worthy place for family. On this backyard, we get privacy more than front yard. Ordinary backyard can transformed become more useful place for family. Here 5 ideas to decorate backyard that we can consider . It can be chosen one of them, depended on which idea that fit with our backyard condition. Other backyard landscape pictures ideas, we can explore by our self. Here 5 ideas: koi fish pond, ornamental grass, tree house, tiny house and gazebo. Starting from koi fish pond. Koi is a beautiful fish. If people put goldfish on aquarium, koi is put on pond. On some countries culture, koi is believed can give fortune. It’s maybe debatable, but koi is beautiful fish. It can be good to beautify our garden.

Backyard Landscape Pictures

Create pond behind home.  Dimension 2×3 meter  is enough. Dig in adequate dept, because koi like dive and it can be sanctuary when there are gadfly animal. Water must be changed regularly. It needs pump to circulate this water. This koi pond is good combined with garden waterfall. Water flow from this waterfall. Second idea is ornamental grass. Ornamental grass, such as blue fescue, blue oat grass, feather reed grass, Indian grass, Japanese forest grass and fountain grass are beautiful to be planted on backyard. Plant them in cluster based on its type. Between this grass, we can put white sans and white stone. Both koi fish pond and ornamental grass can be beautiful backyard landscape pictures on garden.

Pictures Backyard Landscape Designs

Third idea is tree house. Tree house architecture style is developed as response to living in eco friendly environment. Usually this house is built on trees environment. If on our backyard, there many green trees, this tree can be built. Small tree house on big tree is interesting idea. It can be sweet place for gathering family and playhouse for kids. Other backyard landscape pictures is built tiny house. Similar with tree house, tiny house is also eco friendly, but this tiny house is not built on tree. It’s very small size house. Some of them is portable. It can be brought anywhere easily.

Landscape Backyard Ideas

Last idea is to make gazebo. Well, everybody know gazebo. It’s a place for many purpose. We can sit enjoy outdoor view here. We can also gather family and invite friends here. Even we can make small party here. One gazebo can be used for 6-8 persons depended on how big this gazebo. Persons here can sit on circle position.

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