5 Ideas To Make Over Small Kitchen

Small Kitchen Remodel

No all of home has big kitchen, for small kitchen there are smart ways to handle this limited space. The main task for small kitchen makeovers are creating spacious impression on this kitchen. Here there are five tricks to do it. These tricks are color theme, kitchen island, modern style, window treatment and green plant or flower. Starting from color theme. For small kitchen, prioritize to choose bright or light color. White is common color for small kitchen. Other colors such as yellow, orange, green and blue are good, but it must be light type of these colors. These colors then are applied on wall, ceramic, window, door and kitchen cabinet.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

Second small kitchen makeovers trick is creating kitchen island. This is clever trick to create spacious impression. Kitchen island make possible this purpose. This kitchen style create free space around kitchen cabinet on the center of kitchen room. This free space make people easy to move around, walking and cooking here. Dimension of kitchen cabinet in the center of kitchen room is flexible, depended on overall dimension of kitchen.

Small Kitchen Makeovers On A Budget

Third small kitchen makeovers trick is choosing modern kitchen style. Modern kitchen style with all furniture in simple way are more concise than other style. This model is also tidier than furniture with ornaments. And arrange this furniture is easier. It will create loose impression. Fourth trick is window treatment. White window frame and curtain make this kitchen is looked brighter. Tip for small kitchen is avoiding big and thick curtain. Window treatment with simple decoration is better here.

Small Kitchen Remodel

Last trick is placing green plant or flower. This is not directly trick to create spacious impression. This is trick to change attention to its kitchen directly. Beautiful green tree and flower arrangement can be good decoration and focal point. Besides creating freshness, the existing of these plant and flower will create new atmosphere. This trick can be run well.

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