5 Interesting Theme Ideas For Teenage Girl Room

Teenage Girl Room Themes

Dou you have teenage girls? And now you want to decorate their room? To get the right decorating theme for them, we have to consider age, mental, emotion, hobby and favorite stuffs. Well, here are five interesting theme decorating ideas for teenage girl room. These themes are ballerina theme, cat and dog them, Hollywood theme, Scooby Doo theme and Tinkerbell theme. I will only few samples to do it and then it can be explored with the same principle.

Teenage Girl Room

First teenage girl room theme is ballerina. Ballerina is very identical with girl.  Ballerina is dancing girl. Some ideas to decorate with this theme are installing bedding, blanket and pillow cover with lace, decorate curtain with lace on flower shape, installing ballerina picture on wall. This picture can be sticker, stencil or poster. Other ideas are mirror with ballerina shape frame and table lamp with ballerina picture on cap.

Teenage Girl Room Decoration

Second theme for this teenage girl room is cat and dog. Cat and dog are natural enemy. Story about them have inspired many movies and story book. It will be interesting idea. Wall can be decorated with cat and dog mural, putt cat and dog dolls on cabinet and bed and also put rug on bone shape.

Teenage Girl Room Themes

Third theme idea Hollywood. We know that a lot of girls dream to be movie star someday like their favorite movie star. Installing movie star like Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, Drew Barrymore and so on are good for inspiring them. These posters can bought in cheap price.

Fourth theme is Scooby Doo. Every kids know this funny dog. Bedding, blanket and pillow on Scooby Doo theme is first idea. Other ideas is decorating wall with several Scooby Doo movie scenes and put Scooby Doo doll on bed.

Fifth theme is Tinkerbell. Thinkerbell is popular character for girl like Barbie. To bring them to Tinkerbell world, it can be done by installing poster, sticker and stencil with Tinkerbell theme. Bedding, blanket, pillow and valance are also beautiful with this ornament theme.

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