5 Nice Bedroom Ideas For Beloved Girls

Nice Bedding

Nothing more fun than creating designs plan to decorate girls bedroom. Many nice bedroom ideas will be explored to get the right plan that will fulfill girls desire. Good decoration should reflect mind, hobby, preference, taste, dream and has goal. Simple way to get nice ideas are by discussing with them to know more what exactly on their mind and how they see everything. Few examples below will give interesting ideas to beautify their room.

Nice Bedroom Ideas

First nice bedroom ideas option is fairy tale imagination. It is the right theme for girls who like fairy tale story. Bedroom with these themes will be very feminine. Perfect for cute girls. Ballerina and Tinkerbell can be used as examples. Pink will be dominant color. Give attention first on wall. Paint it with pink to create pink bedroom impression. Other color like white can be accepted well to make pretty bedroom. Then use decoration element that reflect these themes.

Nice Bedrooms

Second nice bedroom ideas for girls is adventure. This theme is fit for girls who like travelling. Fashion city like Paris and busy city like London provide good idea to decorate with this theme. Paris theme is more feminine than London theme, because Paris is associated with fashion. London is more versatile. It can be applied for girls and boys bedroom.

Nice Bedding

Third idea comes from celebrity world. If girls have movie star, music star or want to be celebrity someday, so celebrity theme is perfect for them. Besides for decorating, this theme is also for keeping their goal to reach their dream. Hollywood atmosphere can be brought through poster, stencil, sticker blanket, pillow, bedding and many accessories.

Fourth idea comes from animal. If girls love cat, so funny cat like Hello Kitty is the right choice. This cat characters are fit for feminine girls. Bedroom with this theme tend to be seen softly. This bedroom will be dominated with pink and white.

Fifth idea is bringing fish living theme into bedroom. These themes are ft for girls who like movie such as Little Mermaid and Finding Nemo.

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