5 Reasons To Buy Tiny House From Jay Shafer

Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Homes

Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company is best recommended for people who wants to own tiny house. There are four reasons why buying there is good choice. Their products are complete, affordable price, professional, proven product and well constructed. This company has three major product categories. These are box bungalows, house to go and cottages. Under these categories there are several house options. On box bungalows, there are options from 99 – 107 sq ft, house to go 65 – 172 sq ft and cottages 261 – 777 sq ft. If we look for the real tiny house, box bungalows and house to go are the right choice. If we look for bigger house, cottages is good.

Jay Shafer Tumbleweed

On this Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company, besides their portfolio products are complete, they also offer two buying schemes. Buyer can choose either ready made house or tiny house plans. Ready made house is fit for people who don’t have skill and time to build it and tiny house plans are fit for people who has ability on house building and want to save money.

Tumbleweed Smallest House In The World

Jay Shafer tumbleweed tiny house company sell their products in affordable price. Most similar products on the market are offered on price close to this company. So, with the same price, why don’t we buy only on proven company? This company is professional. They are on the market for long time. More than that, Jay Shafer is founder of tiny house. He is father of tiny house. So, buyer will not be doubt anymore.

Jay Shafer Tumbleweed Homes

Their tiny house is proven product. Jay Shafer as owner this company has ever proven living on tiny house for years. If this house work for him, it also work for everyone. Everything we need for daily living are there. Last reason is well constructed. Besides price, well construction is serious issue. Construction on house building such as soul on human living. It’s important factor. Living on house with poor construction is terrible.

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