5 Secrets To Decorate Bay Window

Bay Window Curtains

Window is important element in a home. It gives fresh air, outdoor view and besides that, it can beautify a room and increase home value. It can be done by bay window covering with some beautiful elements. If we want this window become focal point, we can select contrast color for bay window decoration elements. But, it’s ok if this color is chosen in unity color theme with other room furniture and appliances. Here are six secrets to decorate bay window: silk and drapery panel, curtain and valance, roman shades, hardware and window cushion seat.

Bay Window Covering

Starting from silk and drapery panel. Silk is fine fabric. It can reflect luxurious and beauty. It can be chosen as bay window decoration element. Drapery panel can be installed on the return wall. Second secret is curtain and valance. Both modern and classic style curtain and valance are good as long as it can be harmonized with room interior style. Valance here can be complement element for curtain. We can say, that curtain and valance is the heart of bay window covering decoration elements.

Bay Window Treatment

If our room or window is small, curtain and valance in lighter color and simple ornament are good. But, for larger window and room, heavier color and sophisticated ornaments can be applied here. Good curtain and valance combinations are special bay window covering elements that we can not ignore. Third secret is roman shades. Roman shades is widely used to decorate bay window. It can give bay window frame in artistic way.

Bay Window Curtains

Fourth secret is hardware. All these window decoration elements will not run well if it’s not supported with good hardware. For example, to install curtain and valance, it needs good quality rod. Last secret is window cushion seat. It can be other sofas on this window. Window cushion seatcan be decorated in many ways. Beautiful pillow cover can beautify it. Or we can put fresh flower on the table near it.

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