5 Secrets To Maximize Light On Small House

Small Interior Design

Natural light presence on small house can help this house become looked bigger. It can be one good idea of several small house decorating ideas. The benefit of this natural light, we can get it for free and it’s available unlimited. So, why don’t we use it to make brighter our house? Six secrets below will explain how to maximize this natural light presence on a house.

Small House Decorating Ideas

First secret is letting natural light brightening room without any obstacles. This is first step of small house decorating ideas with natural light. To do it, decorate window with simple decorating. Thin curtain can be considered. For small house, simple ornament is better than heavy ornament. And light color curtain is better than dark color. Open curtain in full opening to get maximum natural light.

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

Second secret is painting wall with white or light color. White will get maximum result. By painting wall with white, it will get maximum effect from natural light to make brighter room. It doesn’t matter if we will install wallpaper on wall, but make sure this wallpaper has white or light color as basic color.

Small Interior Design

Third secret is installing mirror. On small house, mirror is useful stuff. It can reflect light to make brighter room and mirror can also make double room illusion when people look at the mirror. Big mirror with rectangle shape can be considered. Put mirror on the right position to reflect light and avoid possibility that this light reflecting will not be directed into people face. Mirror is one of cheap small house decorating ideas.

Fourth secret is replacing one solid doo with glass door. Glass door will have similar function with window. If we want to save space, sliding glass door is good choice. On opening position, sliding glass door will not need additionally space like on standard door.

Fifth secret is installing new window. If possible, installing new window is good to be done. Select the right wall side where this new window will be built. It will give new way for natural light to enter into room.

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