5 Simple Ideas To Beautify Ceiling On Home

Ceiling Decoration Ideas

If we have decorated wall, so what will next to be decorated? The answer is ceiling. The right treatment for ceiling can make it look beautiful, higher and increase room value. Many ceilings on heritage building with Gothic architecture style are decorated with amazing mural. We can do the same to our ceiling, but with simpler way. Simple ceiling designs for homes is easier and cheaper. Four simple ideas are using paint, wallpaper, stencil, moulding and panel.

Simple Ceiling Designs For Homes

First simple ceiling designs for homes idea is using paint. Painting ceiling is fast way to get new ceiling appearance. Use roller to do it. It can be do-it-yourself work. For small space, painting with white is proper decision. To create cheerful room, ceiling can be colored with yellow and orange. It can warm this room. If this ceiling is low, don’t install lamp on ceiling, because it can make lower impression for this ceiling.

Simple Pop Designs Ceiling

Second idea is using wallpaper. Wallpaper can quickly change entire look for ceiling. This is other  simple ceiling designs for homes to create decorative look. To decorate with wallpaper is more difficult than use paint. We can ask friend to help install it or hire professional to do it. It will be rather difficult to be done by one person. The benefits of this wallpaper, it provides more style variations than paint.

Ceiling Decoration Ideas

Third idea is decorating with stencil. It can be good alternative for wallpaper. Actually ornament on wallpaper is picture repeating, so entire wallpaper contains hundreds same pictures, so with stencil, we have more flexibility to blend any pictures. We can buy more than one screen printing to give variation. Fir example, we can decorate with tree, butterfly and flower picture by several stencils. Make sure these pictured are planned well to avoid from unaesthetic look.

Fourth idea is installing moulding. Moulding can be bought on the store. This fabricated product. Just choose decorative ceiling type that we like then install it on ceiling.

Fifth idea is installing wood panel. This wood panel is for bordering ceiling. It will work like frame on poster, photo and art painting. Ceiling will be looked more focus by this wood panel presence.

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