5 Theme Ideas For Boys Green Bedroom

Boys Bedroom Design

Theme for decorating can be categorized based on movie, music, sport, collectible stuff, color and so on. Now we will explore theme ideas based on color. Now we will explore boys green bedroom ideas. These boys bedroom are decorated with green as main color. The right themes for boys green bedroom are army theme, baseball theme, golf theme, dinosaur theme and safari theme. These themes are fit for active boys bedroom. Here the are.

Boys Green Bedroom Ideas

First theme for these boys green bedroom ideas is army. Decorating boys bedroom with this theme will make them are looked masculine like adult men.  To do it, wall can be decorated with picture tank, military car, helicopter, soldier and so on. Bed can be covered with military style bedding. Military sanctuary net can be install on the wall to create like real situation on command base. Above cabinet can be put soldier dolls.

Boys Bedroom Ideas Pictures

Second theme is baseball. This is one of popular sport for boys. It’s fit for these boys green bedroom ideas. To make like real situation on baseball playing, wall can be decorated with big picture about baseball competition on stadium, complete with hundreds audiences. Other good idea is decorating with baseball player pictures .It can be used by stencil. Then add pillow cover with ball picture and baseball uniform.

Boys Bedroom Design

Third theme is golf theme. This is also popular sport in the world. To make like real golf playing atmosphere, this wall is decorated with big green golf field picture.  Other alternative is decorating with golf player picture with stencil. Poster of golf star like Tiger Wood is also good to be added on this wall. Then complete it with several mini golf sticks on the corner.

Fourth theme is dinosaur. After movie Jurassic Park become box office in the world, dinosaur become popular animal for kids. Wall is decorated with several dinosaurs on the jungle. Other ideas are bedding and pillow with dinosaur picture, table lamp with dinosaur shape and put dinosaur doll on bedroom.

Fifth theme is safari. This theme is inspired from African pasture where there are still wild animal there. Rug with zebra ornament, bedding with leopard ornament and wall with zebra, leopard, elephant and giraffe will bring African atmosphere into this bedroom.

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