5 Things We Should Consider Before Planning Designs For Small Spaces

Kitchen Designs Small Spaces

Small house with small spaces can be comfortable places by the right decorating and selecting furniture. Key factors to decorate small spaces are handling limited space, avoid stuffy and make it look bigger. There are six things we should now first before planning designs for small spaces. These things are wall, ceiling, floor, furniture, window and lighting. Try to create real and artificial bigger space.

Designs For Small Spaces

First designs for small spaces element is wall. For small spaces. Wall with white or light paint color are right. If living room is near kitchen, it’s good if between these rooms there are not bordering wall. Create open kitchen is good for small house. Try to paint all of wall sides on the same color.

Interior Designs Small Spaces

Second designs for small spaces element is floor. If this floor use ceramic tile, installing on diagonal position can create bigger illusion for this small space. If we don’t want to install ceramic tile, hardwood floor is good for small space. This shiny surface can make brighter this room. Besides that, maintaining this hardwood floor will not spend a lot of effort.

Kitchen Designs Small Spaces

Third element is furniture. For small space, give attention on vertical and horizontal direction. Crowded on horizontal direction is caused if big furniture are install on this room and crowded on vertical direction is caused if furniture size here are tall. So, for small space, selecting the right furniture size.

Fourth element is window. Window is essential part of home on small space. Window is way for natural light to brightening room. Remove any obstacles on window than can reduce natural light intensity from outside. Avoid installing dark curtain on small space. If we want to create higher impression for ceiling, curtain with vertical line ornament is the right choice.

Fifth element is lighting. If natural light brightening room on the day, so lamplight brightening room on the night. If this room has low ceiling, install this lamp on wall.

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