5 Things We Should Know To Decorate Small Living Room

Modern Living Room Design

The main task to decorate small living room is making it comfortable by creating bigger impression illusion. It can be done in several ways. First thing when making this small living room design is preparing to plan storage place. For small living room, this furniture is essential thing. It can be made as cabinet or rack and then put it near wall. To make it not looked striking, this cabinet or rack can be painted in the same color with wall. Other good idea is building this living room with height ceiling. Besides to add space on vertical direction, we can make storage place on the wall by making rectangle shape hole along this wall.

Living Room Design

Second thing is replacing unnecessary furniture, appliance or stuffs from this living room. Only needed stuffs can be put here. This room is small, so we have to restrict what kind of stuffs that may be put here. Besides replacing unnecessary stuffs, it’s important to create free space on this small living room. This living room design has to be free from clutter.

Modern interior of a room

Third thing is painting wall with light paint color on this living room design. It’s essential on small living room design. And ceiling is painted with lighter color than wall. For floor, it’s good to use light color ceramic or hardwood color. To maximize  these color choice, this small living room is also supplied with fresh air and natural light from outside. So, window presence on this living room is very important.

Modern Living Room Design

Fourth things is installing big mirror on this small living room. Big mirror on rectangle shape is good choice. Mirror can reflect natural light and lamp light.

Fifth thing is right choosing on pattern and color on window decorating and furniture choice. For this small living room, avoid curtain and valance with heavy ornament. Do it the same to furniture. Just choose furniture with simple ornament and light color. If we want to give variation, it can be added with colorful pillow. Small portion of pattern and color are beautiful, but too much proportion is good to give accent.

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