5 Water Theme Ideas For Girls Bedroom

Bedroom Decoration For Girls

Water is available everywhere. There are several interesting themes related to water. For example, here are five room decoration for girls theme ideas: mermaid theme, surfer girl theme, swimming pool theme, underwater theme and coastal theme. Benefits of decorating girls bedroom with water themes are this bedroom is looked spacious, fresh, funny and we will feel more relax.

Room Decoration For Girls

First room decoration for girls theme idea is mermaid theme. This theme is inspired from movie. Few examples to decorate with this theme: decorate wall with mermaid and dolphin mural, bedding sets with funny mermaid pictures, mirror with mermaid shape frame, table lamp with mermaid in clamshell shape, install photos with mermaid photo frames and so on.

Room Decoration Ideas Girls

Second room decoration for girls theme idea is surfer girl theme. It’s good for brave girls who have bravery to play this sport. Few good ideas to decorate bedroom with this theme: decorate wall with several surfer girls on the beach pictures, bedding sets with palm tree pictures, install rug with surfboard picture and so on.

Bedroom Decoration For Girls

Third theme idea is swimming pool. It’s good for girls who like swimming on swimming pool. To apply this theme into bedroom, several ways can be done: girls jump into swimming pool, girls swim on swimming pool and so on.

Fourth theme idea is underwater theme. This theme is inspired from movie like Finding Nemo. Here several ways to decorate bedroom with this theme: decorate wall with underwater living decal, bedding sets with various funny fishes pictures, put several fish dolls on bed, hang several fish toys on ceiling, table lamp with fish picture on cap, bookshelves on sea horse shape and so on.

Fifth theme idea is coastal theme. With this theme, bedroom is decorated with lighthouse, stone reef, beach sand, shell, coral, ocean water and so on. To do it, wall is decorated with lighthouse mural or beach with stone reef, put coastal lighthouse table lamp above cabinet, mirror with shell frame, bedding sets with coral pictures and so on.

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