5 Ways To Decorate Black And White Kitchen

Black And White Kitchen Cabinets

Black and white are eternity color. Black represent power and clean represent clean. These are contrast color, but it’s good to be kitchen color. Decorate kitchen with black and white make this kitchen stand out from other ordinary kitchen. But we also to be careful, don’t let kitchen become monotonous look by these two colors. Here are six ways to decorate black and white kitchen designs. We can apply all together or just some ideas. Here they are: accent color, coloring wall, add element, appliance choosing and wall decoration.

Black And White Kitchen Designs

There are two option to create black and white kitchen designs. We can set white as dominant color and black as complement color, or black as dominant color and white as complement color. Best suggestion, choose white as dominant color. It will make kitchen is more lighter and have spacious impression. Starting from accent color to decorate this kitchen. Accent color means other color that can be added to beautify this kitchen. It can be done by adding green, blue, silver or maroon rug, wall art work or vase. It can be good complement color.

Black And White Kitchen Decorating

If we choose white as dominant factor on these black and white kitchen designs, it doesn’t mean that this kitchen wall is always painted with white color. We may paint with soft green, blue or grey. Before choosing color for painting this wall, consider first. This new color may not be other dominant color. Maybe, soft grey is the best choice than green or blue to paint wall.

Black And White Kitchen Cabinets

Adding new element in different color in this kitchen such as green fresh plant, window seat cushion and painting on the wall are good idea. Fresh plant on synthetic rattan container is beautiful. We may also buy kitchen appliance in other colors than black and white. Refrigerator, stove, dishwasher can be chosen on green or blue color. Last, this kitchen can be decorated with thin curtain and on the wall we can install family photo with frame in black or white color.

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