5 Ways To Pick The Right Interior Paint Color

Home Interior Paint Color Schemes

Room interior with the right paint color can improve home value. We can get the right color by using five simples way.  These are magazine, wardrobe, furniture, brochures and website. Before explain these ways, it’s better if basic concept about color is understood well. If we want to get good interior paint color schemes, we should understand this concept. These are color wheel, primary color, secondary color, tertiary color and color term. Starting from color wheel. All colors have color family. This color wheel is for understanding this.

Interior Paint Color Schemes

Primary color is single main color, except white. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple are primary color. Combinations of these colors can produce thousand colors. Secondary color is combination from two primary color. For example, one part blue is mixed with one part green. It will produce new color. Tertiary color is combination from two primary color, but one color comes with big proportion. For example, one part blue is mixed with two part green. Understanding these kind of colors can help us to find good interior paint color schemes.

Interior Design Color Schemes

Color terms we should know are hue, tone, value and saturation. Hue is basic color. Tone is color density. Value shows amount of white and black in a color. Saturation is color pureness or boldness. After understanding this basic concept, then we can practice to pick the right interior paint color schemes. We can try first before we feel master this concept. There are five ways we can used here as above explained. Starting from magazine. Magazine about home and interior can give many ideas for us. There are a lot of beautiful colors there we can choose.

Home Interior Paint Color Schemes

Wardrobe or furniture can be the next source to find idea. If we have favorite wardrobe or furniture, we can use these color as primary color. Then by color wheel, we can find other complement color to complete this color. It’s simplest method. If we go to the home and interior store, we can ask brochures. We can also explore many ideas from it. Or we can find other ideas from blog or website. There are a lot of website about this topic. Find good idea there. It’s free.

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