5 Wood Tile Patterns Ideas For Lovely Home

Wood Tile Floor Designs

Naturally people want to close to nature. Living in harmony with nature provide peaceful feeling. It is so why tiny house presence get good respond. Besides provide new experience living on tiny house and low budget, main material of this house is made from wood. For standard home, nature touching can be added by installing wood floor. Wood floor can work well for every home style. If we want looking for modern style, shiny wood floor provide this character, While for rustic and antique impression, the choice will fall to salvage wood fall. And now, wood tile patterns are available on many variations.

Wood Tile Patterns

Artificial wood floor patterns provide wood floor look, but it comes with stronger, harder and durability than pure wood floor. If real wood floor will not withstand to fire, this artificial wood floor can withstand. Fire cannot burn it. At least, it can reduce possibility from fire risk. As we know, for decoration, people like to burn candle. It is good to create intimate and romantic, but candle also bring fire risk. Artificial wood floor from ceramic can solve this risk.

Wood Tiles Design

Cheap linoleum is the next wood floor patterns application. Linoleum with pattern like wood easily to be found on tile store. It is perfect  for humid room like kitchen and bathroom. Besides that if we like to follow tile pattern trend, linoleum provide flexibility or replacement with new tile.

Wood Tile Floor Designs

Hardwood floor is real wood floor patterns. Usually it is made from strong and hard wood, as its name. Hardwood floor can withstand for very long time. But the risk of this material after years usage, it tends to fade its color. With the right treatment, it will be shiny floor for years.

Floating wood floor is other variant of wood floor. This type provide easy installation. It is flexible to be installed over subfloor like tile and concrete. It is felt soft on legs. Give additionally comfort on room. Also, it is cheaper than hardwood floor.

If we look for traditional look for floor, try salvage wood floor. Salvage wood floor is made by using residual wood from factory. It can be good solution for environment issue. For people who looks for low budget for floor, try salvage wood floor.

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