6 Advantages Of Garden On Roof

Roof Garden Plants

Now creating garden on roof become trend on big city. Garden on roof has several advantages: beautify roof, eco friendly, reduce temperature on roof, absorb pollution, low budget and harvest its fruit. The existing of this garden can beautify roof. Besides that, this exterior house will be looked unique and beautiful. This garden type doesn’t need spacious area. Small area on roof is enough to build this garden type. Besides to beautify this roof, it also create eco friendly environment on home. All of plants there can attract some wild animal, such as butterfly to come in.

Garden On Roof

Garden on roof can also reduce temperature on roof by holding sun light. It’s such as there are several living umbrella there. Roof will be more shady. Some plant types are good to be planted there. There are some plant types that has ability to absorb pollution from air. It’s good to help creating cleaning air. Nowadays, on modern era like this, air condition has changed. Too many pollution types dirt air. It can comes from industry, car smoke, dust and so on. Besides absorbing pollution, these plants are also produce oxygen.

Roof Garden Design

Other advantage of garden on roof is low budget. These many advantages can be gotten with low budget. So, garden on roof is valuable investment for family healthy living. To build garden on roof only needs plants, container and water channel. It’s better to add lamp and outdoor furniture here if possible. Lamp will make this garden will be beautiful on night and outdoor furniture is used to enjoy garden view.

Roof Garden Plants

There are many dwarf fruit plant types that are fit to be planted here. It means that these plants are not only beautify this roof but it also give fruits when harvest time come. Some plant types can produce fruits every time. To build this garden type, make sure first that roof construction is strong to hold new load. Load from plants and people traffic. And also make sure that water will not able to seep into roof.

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