6 Benefits Of Ceramic With Wood Style Design

Wood Style Ceramic Tile

Hardwood floor provide several benefits: strong, durable, eco friendly, modern lifestyle and shiny look. Hardwood floor will be looked amazing on room with white and neutral colors. Now we can find wood style tile. This is not hardwood or other wood flooring type. This is real ceramic. Yes, this ceramic is designed with appearance almost same with wood, both on color, pattern and texture. It combines good characters of wood floor and ceramic. It takes aesthetic look from wood and ceramic strength. Ultimate choice for flooring.

Wood Style Tile

First benefit is on wood look. We will not easy to distinguish between this wood style tile and real wood floor before we touch it. From far, it will be looked like real wood floor. After long time usage, wood floor color will be fade. It will not happen on ceramic. Certain dirt will need a lot of effort to be cleaned from wood floor and wood floor can be hurt under high pressure, such as from weight furniture. All of these weakness will not happen on ceramic.

Wood Style Floor Tile

Second benefit of this wood style tile is stylish. It will give aesthetic look for room like on room with wood floor. Pattern and texture almost perfectly same with real wood. Room will be looked shady like use wood floor. Besides that, this material is relative resistant from mildew growth.

Wood Style Ceramic Tile

Third benefit is fire resistant. This is essential advantage. One of disadvantage of wood floor, it still can be burnt by fire. We have to careful for fire if floor use wood. This risk will not happen on ceramic.

Fourth benefit is easy to be replaced. If there are several ceramics must be replaced, it can be done easier than wood floor.

Fifth benefit is on durability. Ceramic will be withstand for hundreds years usage, longer than wood floor. This is also stronger than wood. Under the same pressure load, ceramic relatively can withstand without damage than wood floor.

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