6 Benefits Of Top Roof Garden

Rooftop Garden Design

Using area on roof as garden give many advantages. Now on the big city, we can find many homes that their roofs are used for gardening. Many plants can be planted here. To do it, it’s not always need large area. Of course larger is better. The most important here is this roof construction has ability to serve its new load when this roof is used as garden. Besides that, this roof is designed and constructed water resistant. Water many not seep into roof, because it can make ceiling wet. At least there are six benefits of this top roof garden.

Top Roof Garden

First benefit is this top roof garden can give food for homeowners. For example, on top roof garden can be planted with vegetable plants and dwarf fruit plants. Vegetable plants are useful plants. It can give nutrition for all of family members. While dwarf fruit plants will give fruits when harvest time come.

Build Roof Top Garden

Second benefit of top garden roof is giving new look for home. As long as this garden is looked tidy and well maintenance, it will increase architectural home appearance. This home will be looked more fresh and alive.

Rooftop Garden Design

Third benefit is for controlling temperature. As we know, green plants can absorb carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from air. These chemical components increase environment temperature. By this top roof garden presence, these chemical components presence can be reduced and it means there is temperature reducing.

Fourth benefit is saving energy. This top roof garden can be functioned as living insulation to hold heat from home lose into the air.

Fifth benefit is giving new habitat for wildlife, such as butterfly and grasshopper. It will be new interesting sight on a home if there are many butterfly are flying on the roof.

Sixth benefit is for recreational place. Here we can add outdoor furniture. It can be used as a place for gathering family, invite friends and neighbors. Also, drinking coffee at the afternoon here will be felt very delicious.

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