6 Don’t Do Regarding Landscape

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Good landscape design will improve a home value, besides that it makes more comfortable for people who stay there. Building good landscaping designs plans can be easy and difficult for people. Easy is they know what they should do. Difficult if they do common mistakes regarding this landscape. Here are six mistakes we should not do: start without plan, forget to irrigate, ignore season, forget to anticipate gadfly animal, wrong priority and ignore lamp. Starting from start without plan. Most people plant trees without plan, but because trend and following their neighbor or friends.

Lanscaping Design Plans

When they see their neighbor plant rose and orchid, then they follow to plat these flowers. When ornamental grass, become trend, they then plant this grass. It shows that they don’t have clear plan. What will happen next? Their garden will be looked bad. All of elements are not organized well. Don’t do it. At first time before starting to decorate garden, prepare first good lanscaping design plans.

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The next mistake regarding lanscaping design plans are forget to irrigate. Forge to irrigate can be caused by forgetting building good water channel. Without regularly watering, every plants and trees can be die. Next forget are ignore season. Sometimes people only prepare some tree types for certain season, such as summer and spring, but ignore other season. It’s better if all four seasons are considered, so this garden will be looked good anytime. Last forget is forget to anticipate interference from gadfly animal. Our garden can quickly damage by their attack. Garden without fence, specially if this garden is on suburb region near wild nature, is in risk position. Unpredictable attack may come.

Hillside Landscape Design

People sometimes do wrong priority. They put aesthetic aspect is more than its functionality. Good garden plan can beautify a home, but useful garden is more important. For example, if we live on suburb region, plant vegetable is more important than flower. If we stay on big city, plant certain trees to clean pollution is more important than vegetable.

Last mistake is lamp. Without lamp, a good landscape plan will not be shown and enjoyed on the night city. Maybe it’s less important than other above factors, but however the existing of this lamp can increase garden beauty.

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