6 Elements To Create Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

Farmhouse kitchen designs are inspired from farm living. This is old style kitchen. It remember us how people on tends years ago cooked at the kitchen. It can be good alternative style when we will decorate, remodel or make over kitchen. To create kitchen with farm look, there are six elements we should adapt. Here they are: wall color, floor, furniture, stove, kitchen sink and cabinet. Starting from wall color. To show old style or worn impression, usually farmhouse kitchen use white, brown and grey as favorite color. These colors can show older impression. Perfect with old style concept.

Farmhouse Kitchen Designs

Floor for farmhouse kitchen designs can use hardwood, ceramic and stone. Hardwood flooring is most popular material on farmhouse kitchen floor. It can harmonized with most farmhouse kitchen furniture. If we like, we can paint this hardwood floor. Ceramic is more durable than hardwood floor and it can be more easily to be cleaned than hardwood floor. Ceramic is also scratch and water resistant. Ceramic with old style ornament is fit to this farmhouse kitchen. Stone is also good. It can create natural atmosphere on this kitchen.

Farmhouse Kitchen Colors

Other important  farmhouse kitchen designs element is furniture. Furniture with antique and vintage style is fit with this kitchen. We can find this antique furniture on the store. But now this antique furniture can be produced with modern technique. It’s more stylish than then the real antique furniture.

Farmhouse Kitchen Decorating

These antique furniture then is completed with stove, farmhouse kitchen sink and cabinet. On the real farmhouse kitchen, there is not modern stove with gas. Here there is only antique stove with wood or coal as fuel. But nowadays, we will meet difficulty to cook with coal or wood, so it’s better we can find modern stove with gas, but it has antique design. It can combine function and farmhouse kitchen style. Cabinet on farmhouse kitchen has upper and lower part. It can be made from natural wood.

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