6 Factors For Successful Caribbean Party

Caribbean Party Favors

If on halloween party, scary factor is dominant , now on Caribbean party, tropical atmosphere is dominant factor. Similar with Halloween party, this party can be done on indoor or outdoor. If we invite a lot of people, it’s better done on outdoor. Here are six Caribbean party ideas that we can consider before doing for successful this party. Here they are: party invitation, party decoration, party game, party dress up, party favor and party food. Starting from party invitation. Try to create custom party invitation card. We can hire a good graphic design for this purpose. Invitation card with Jack Sparrow and ship picture are match. We can get  idea from movie Pirate of the Caribbean.

Caribbean Party Ideas

Second factor of Caribbean party ideas is party decoration. Hang several balloons on several points. On the wall we can decorate with flag ship, pirate sword, pirate hat and printing posters from movie Pirate of the Caribbean. This decoration will be more attractive by put some parrot birds here. Third factor is party game. Games such as walk the plank, man overboard, swab the deck, treasure chest toss, cannonball blast, cannonball attack, grab the grub, dig for treasure, treasure dash, bail out the boat, treasure hunt, pass the cannonball, x mark the spot and capture the pirate flag can be considered. These games can be modified if necessary.

Caribbean Party Decorations

Fourth factor of Caribbean party ideas is party dress up. People can dress up with pirate costume. Hat, shirt, pants, hat, sword, shoe and so on. Fifth factor is party favor. Some party favors we can consider are sticker, bucket with pirate theme picture, palm tree, reggae music, bottle with pirate picture, hot sauce, parrot bird and so on.

Caribbean Party Favors

Last factor is food. Put big cake in pirate ship shape, complete with screen and pirate flag will impress all guests. Cake and fruit from tropical region such as banana, papaya, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry can be prepared here. Don’t forget to prepare cup for drink with pirate theme pictures.

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