6 Ideas To Create Amazing Ceiling Designs For Kids Bedroom

P o p Designs For Bedroom Roof

To make kids feel more happy on their bedroom, create attractive ceiling is good ideas. If Wall decoration are enjoyed when kids do their activities on bedroom, so ceiling decoration is enjoys when they will sleep on bed. So, whatever situation on bedroom, always there is happiness for them. The attractive ceiling design for bedroom can be inspired from kids theme. City, cartoon, kids story books, super hero and underwater living provide interesting ideas to be explored. Then it can be done with stencil or mural.

Ceiling Design For Bedroom

First theme idea can be inspired from city. Paris and London are great cities as examples. Paris theme is fit for girls and London for boys bedroom. If girls like everything about fashion and Paris city, Paris is the answer. This ceiling design for bedroom can use Eiffel Tower, models on catwalk, Paris café and Paris saloon as pictures.

Pop Design For Bedroom

Second theme idea is taken from cartoon. Scooby Doo, Winnie The Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Spongebob are few good examples. Thesethemes are good for boys and girls bedroom. These cartoon theme will bring cheerful atmosphere and change this room like playing room.

P o p Designs For Bedroom Roof

Third theme idea is super hero character. It is god for boys bedroom. Spiderman, Batman and Superman are very popular super hero for kids. Picture Spiderman climb building with his net will make boys like follow his adventure to catch robbers.

Fourth theme idea is underwater living. Ceiling design for bedroom with this theme will make this room like on real underwater. It will give dramatic experience for kids. This theme is inspired from Finding Nemo movie. Here there are many clown fishes are swimming on the water.

Fifth theme idea is fit for girls. This ceiling decorating is inspired from stories Cinderella, Ballerina and Tinkerbell.

Sixth theme idea is outer space. It will be great ceiling both on day and night. Blue ceiling with palnet, moon, galaxy and outer space airplane seem will bring kids to fly outside earth. Other idea is painting smiling sun.

To apply these themes into ceiling, if these pictures are simple, it can be done with stencil. But if these pictures are complex and full colors, so mural will provide better result.

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