6 Ideas To Solve Small Kitchen Design Layout Problem

Small Kitchen Makeovers

We have to think and do smart when we will makeover small kitchen design layout. Key factor is solving how to make it bigger, give additionally space and enhance comfort. Several tricks can be done. For example, utilizing light to make brighter, use wall as additionally storage place, replace old big furniture, modify existing furniture, install new storage place and so on. Sometime, these ways will not spend a lot of budget, but it gives valuable result to improve kitchen comfort.

Small Kitchen Design Layout

First idea is preparing rolling kitchen island. This kitchen island is completed with wheels to make easier when moving it into another place. So, when we need it, use it to serve food and drink. When finishing, move it outside kitchen, put at another place. By this way, I will save more space. Rolling kitchen island is small and movable furniture. Worthy investment for small kitchen design layout.

Small Kitchen Design Layout Ideas

Second idea is utilizing lighting. Lighting is essential thing on small kitchen design layout. Use lighting to provide bigger illusion for small kitchen. Good lighting can help it. Make sure all of kitchen part, including on corner sides are lighted by lamp. If one center kitchen lamp is not enough, install additionally lamp. This lighting effect will be maximum if this kitchen decoration theme is dominated with light colors.

Small Kitchen Makeovers

Third idea is utilizing wall as additionally space for storing items. We can hang pans, pots and many other kitchen appliances on the wall. Prepare several hangers on the wall. It is good if we plan to make multi stages of hanger, so kitchen wall will not seen full of appliances. Appliances on the wall are organized on certain side.

Fourth idea is replacing standard cabinet door with sliding glass door. This sliding glass door is available on the store. Standard cabinet door need space for opening, but sliding glass door type doesn’t need it. Just push and pull to open and close. This is simple idea but useful for small kitchen.

Fifth idea replacing old big cabinet. If for some reasons, we cannot anymore to modify existing big cabinet, we have no choice anymore to use it again. Replace with small size one to save area.

Sixth idea is installing deep shelving. This is useful storage place. Appliance like microwave can be put here to save place above cabinet. Put this deep shelving at the corner.

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