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Decorating wall with stencil can be done easily. This is smart way for everybody, even beginner can do it. What we need are only screen printing, roller and paint. It’s very practice. We can decorate wall like pro with this technique. We don’t need art talent to create beautiful wall decoration with stencil. If we are interested with stencil to create good ornament designs on walls, here are few stencil styles that we can choose. These stencil styles are geometric, damask, tree, floral, wall art and bird.

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First stencil designs on walls style is geometric style. As its name, this stencil style take various geometric shapes as main ornament. This is one of simple stencil style. On this style, there is only one geometric shape and then this geometric shape is repeated hundreds times to create one big picture based on this one geometric shape.

Stencil Designs Walls

Second stencil designs on walls style is damask style. Damask style is more complex than geometric style, but it has similar principle with geometric style. Here, there is one pattern picture and then this one pattern is repeated hundreds times to make big picture on the wall.

Cool Designs Walls

Third style is tree style. As its name, this stencil style takes tree as main theme. It can take the whole tree or just tree branch. This tree picture then is added with bird and butterfly picture. If we want to feel like on garden while we are in the room, decorating room wall with this tree style is good choice to be considered.

Fourth style is floral style. This style take floral or flower as main ideas. Other good stencil style to bring garden atmosphere into room.

Fifth style is wall art style. This style take multi ideas. It can take ideas from tree, flower, animal, abstract, balloon and so on. What make this style become different than other style is this wall art style is designed with more art level touching. Sometime wall art style is looked simpler than other style, but good.

Sixth style is bird style. Sometime butterfly is categorized into this bird style. This stencil style is also good to decorate ceiling. It will be looked like there are many birds fly inside home. This bird style is good to be combined with tree style.

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