6 Steps To Make Custom Window Seat Cushions

Custom Window Seat Cushions Indoor

There are two special places to enjoy outdoor view in a home. These are open space room and window seat cushion. Maybe, no all of homes have open space room, but they still can create window seat cushion. It’s great place for spending time on afternoon to read a book or just lie down enjoy outdoor. Create window seat cushion will not spend spacious area, but it’s better if it has planned when this home will be built. If this home is not built with window cushion seat plan, we can still create it easily. Just put cabinet under window. Measure first window measurement. Then on left and right side of this cabinet, we can put bookshelves. This cabinet is still needed soft cushion for sitting and lying down. We will learn six steps to make custom window seat cushions.

Custom Window Seat Cushions

First step, measure first accurately this window seat area. Second step, prepare foam based on window seat area measurement then cut this foam with sharp knife. Third step, lie down his foam into cloth or fabric. This cloth will be used to wrap this foam. Fourth step, use needle to sew this cloth. Fifth step, on the edge position, give button or zipper. This button and zipper make easy this cushion to be opened and closed when we will remove and clean it. Sixth step is lie down this cushion into window seat area. Now, your custom window seat cushions are ready for use.

Window Bench Cushions Custom

These custom window seat cushions regularly must be cleaned and dried. If necessary we make more than one cushion, so if one is cleaned and dried, we can still use another one. Good places to make window seat cushion are bedroom and family room, especially if these room has beautiful view. Even though maybe there’s quilted headboard on bed, this window seat cushion can still be good alternative for reading book or just lie down.

Custom Window Seat Cushions Indoor

This window seat cushion can be decorated with flower or art furnishing article. Flower in vase or art work product from wood, resin and copper are good to be chosen. We can also put tray. On this tray we can put some fresh fruits. So, while reading a book, we can eat this fruit.

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