7 Ideas To Create Classic Wall Design

Classic Wallpaper Designs

The advantage of modern design is this style is following trend and the advantage of classic design is this design will be withstand for long time, because it’s everlasting color. Here are seven ideas to create classic impression on wall. These ideas are using color, wallpaper, painting, mirror, poster, photo  and stencil . And detail information are like this. Classic wall design can be risen by painting its with old fashioned look color. Then this wall is completed with other wall elements to make stronger  this classic impression.

Classic Wall Design

Colors that are fit to create classic impression are tea and honey color, whispering wheat color, polished limestone color, dapper tan color and so on. If we want to create classic wall design through wallpaper, select wallpaper with colors like these examples and select old style ornaments. Usually, floral ornament is chosen for this purpose.

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Classic wall design can also be created by installing painting. Painting with old style and carving on frame can create classic impression. Similar with painting, mirror can be treated in similar way. Rectangle or circle mirror with carving on its frame is perfect to create classic style. Besides that, this mirror can make this room brighter.

Classic Wallpaper Designs

Poster from old music and movie star are always good to give classic touching. Poster with music stars like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles and so on are good choices. While for movie star, we can install poster James Dean, Marlon Brando, Shirley Temple and so on. Besides that poster about music album or movie are also god. Music album picture from Rolling Stone, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and so on are good, while for movie, The Godfather, Sound Of Music, Gone With The Wind and so on are good example.

Stencil is favorite wall art type. Decorating wall with stencil can create elegant decorating. To use this medium, just select classic style picture on screen printing then print it with roller or airbrush.

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