7 Ideas To Decorate Living Room In Low Budget

Living Room Paint Idea

Living room is important room. First room that is seen other people when come into our home is living room. So, we have to give attention on it. It’s time to find good living room idea to make it more beautiful, but without spending a lot of money. Is it possible? Let’s prove it. Here are seven ideas to change living room appearance in low budget. These ideas are paint, rug, bookshelves, pillow, curtain, aquarium and stencil.

Living Room Idea

First living room idea is paint. Change entire living room wall with paint can be gotten in affordable price. To give variation, living room wall is painted with light and bold color. Three wall sides are painted with light color and one wall side with bold color.

Small Living Room Idea

Second living room idea is rug. Putting rug on the floor is fast way to change it’s appearance. If we want this rug is looked striking, this rug is chosen on different color with floor. Rug with ornament design is good to change entire floor look.

Living Room Paint Idea

Third idea is bookshelves. Putting bookshelves near sofa or install it on the wall, then put several book collections there. These book collections will make us looked well educated. On this bookshelves, can be  added several small art works.

Fourth idea is pillow. Putting good pillow on living room sofa will improve guests comfort when they are sitting on sofa.

Fifth idea is curtain. Fabric curtain can be bought in cheap price on the store. Curtain with floral theme will bring freshness on this room. If this living room is small, avoid to install curtain with heavy ornament. Simple ornament will work well.

Sixth idea is aquarium. Aquarium on living room is very good idea. It will be pleasant sight there. Besides hat, watching beautiful fishes and hearing flowing water on aquarium can make people are more relax.

Seventh idea is stencil. It’s similar with paint, but here, we can add ornament through screen printing. Good place wall side for stencil is behind main sofa.

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