7 Secrets Of Beautiful Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Pictures

Have you ever seen dream house with pools? What make them are looked good? Swimming pool on a home play many functions. These are for swimming, increase home value and beautify landscape. A swimming pool can be beautified with seven things. These are its secret: paint, mural, plant, light, furniture, waterfall and tile. Starting from paint. The right paint type and color choosing is vital on swimming pool. Usually a swimming pool is painted with blue color. Epoxy paint is common paint type for swimming pool.

Dream House With Pools

The right paint and color can make this swimming pool become more interesting, but we can increase this appeal by painting or making mural on bottom side. We can hire an artist to paint mural on the bottom or make mural from ceramic arrangement. This mural make people feel curious to swim and dive to enjoy this mural. Mural second factor to improve appearance of dream house with pools. Mural make people enjoy and feel new sensation, because it’s unique idea. Unique and wonderful.

Swimming Pool Designs

Third factor is plant. These  dream house with pools can be more interesting if around this swimming pool is planted with some plants. Palm tree and ornamental grass can be considered to be planted here. Palm tree create elegance atmosphere and ornamental grass create beautiful appearance. Maybe we can combine these trees. Fourth factor is light. Sometimes people want to swim or just sit down near swimming pool on night time. It means this swimming pool need lamp. Install LED lamp is good idea. The right LED lamp type can create exotic atmosphere.

Swimming Pool Pictures

Fifth factor is furniture. Swimming pool will not complete without outdoor furniture. Furniture from rattan, wood and wicker are fit to be chosen. Don’t forget to install big umbrella in the center area. Sixth factor is waterfall. If we can combine swimming pool with waterfall, it’s great. A modern waterfall is good for this dream house. This waterfall can be built on the edge of swimming pool, so water from here will flow into swimming pool. Last factor is tile. Swimming pool is identical with tile. Good tile design can improve this swimming pool value. Rough tile is better than smooth tile. Smooth tile can make people slipped.

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