7 Things We Should Know Before Raising Blueberries

Raising Blueberries In Pots

Planting blueberries are not easy. It’s tough or difficult plant. But, because their fruits are delicious, most people keep try to plant this fruit tree. To successful raising blueberries, there are seven factors we should know first. If we can practice all these factors, raising blueberries will not difficult anymore. So, what critical factors must be understood. Here they are: pot, soil, light, watering, fertilizer, wind and variety. Starting from first factor, pot. Blueberries don’t like small pot. Plant them on big pot, at least with diameter 18 inch.

Raising Blueberries

Second factor is pot. For raising blueberries on a pot, at least 1/3 part on top side pot is given by acid soil. We can get this acid soil in nursery or we can mix soil with fertilizer for acid plant. Third factor is light. All of blueberries need enough light. So, make sure these plants are placed on the right area to get enough sun light. In a day, at least blueberries need light on 6 up to 8 hours. Fourth factor is watering. Blueberries love moist condition. Every time these containers must be controlled. Make sure this soil in moist condition. We can use finger to check it. Moist is different with wet. Too much water are not good.

Preparing Soil Blueberries

Fifth factor is fertilizer. For good raising blueberries, they need fertilizer for acid plant, but they don’t need a lot of fertilizer. Giving them fertilizer twice a year in enough. Sixth factor is protect blueberries from wind and bird. Bird love this delicious blueberries fruit. To protect this plant from bird and wind, we can move this plant near building. Building will protect from wind blow. If necessary completed with wrap and netting. It’s for preventing from bird attack.

Raising Blueberries In Pots

Seventh factor is variety. There are four blueberries variety, these are lowbush, hal-high, rabbiteye and highbush. No all these types will fit with all region condition. Choose the right type to be planted on our region.

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