7 Ways To Determine Paint Color For Kitchen

Paint Color Schemes Kitchen

Simple way to decorate or make over a kitchen is by changing its color. Paint color for kitchen can be found in several ways. Here are six ways to choose paint color for kitchen. Here they are:  color theory, color combination, mood, camouflage, kitchen style,  furniture and color purpose. These things can be used as starting point to choose color. There are still other ways that we can find later, but these five ways are enough at this moment. Starting from color theory. From color wheel, we can find primary color and then choose complement color. Amount color may not exceed three colors. More than that will reduce kitchen aesthetic. But only use one color will create monotonous impression.

Paint Color For Kitchen

Second way is color combination. Some colors can be combined to produce new color. If we can not do it, just use color catalogue. It’s easier to explore some colors. Third way is mood. However somebody’s mood influence on color choosing. A man in sadness will not choose bright color. He will tend to choose calm or dark color. Mood will influence which color is liked and disliked. But be careful with mood. Mood can change every time. Choose color based on mood only is not good way. Maybe color for today will not fit anymore with tomorrow, if mood change. Choose paint color for kitchen needs several consideration.

Paint Color Combinations Kitchen

Best way is understanding relationship between color and mood. How color affect mood should be understood. We use color as a medium to create certain emotional condition. It makes sense. If we want to feel relax, calm and fresh, kitchen wall with green color is good choice. Fourth way to choose paint color for kitchen is camouflage purpose. Maybe it’s looked sound strange. For some reasons, people don’t want their certain kitchen furniture or appliance are looked clearly. They want to hide or camouflage it by paint color. For example if this appliance in silver color, so this kitchen wall can be painted in grey.

Paint Color Schemes Kitchen

Fifth way is kitchen style. Color can also to indentify kitchen style. For example, classic kitchen style usually use brown or white as its color theme. Contemporary kitchen will use many varies of color. Sixth way is furniture. Primary color choosing can be started from favorite furniture. If we love cabinet in red, we can then use red as color theme, and so on. Last way is color purpose. If we want to create spacious impression on a small kitchen, lighter color is good choice.

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