8 Secrets To Make Ceiling Look Higher For Decorating Small Spaces

Decorating Small Spaces Ideas

A room can be looked on horizontal and vertical direction, now we will give attention on vertical direction. For small space, ceiling can be functioned to make it look higher. Higher impression means this small space is looked bigger on vertical direction. With several smart trick, it can be done. Here are eight secrets to do it for decorating small spaces.

Decorating Small Spaces

First secret is painting ceiling with white. This is first important step for decorating small spaces use ceiling. White is ultimate color to make it brighter. For small space, avoid o create decorative ceiling with several art works technique. It’s good to beautify, but it will make this ceiling is closer from bottom.

Decorating Small Living Rooms

Second secret is using vertical pattern to decorate wall. Maybe we will decorate wall with wallpaper or faux painting. Vertical pattern of wallpaper and faux painting is fit. It will make higher illusion for this ceiling. It’s better if this wallpaper and faux painting use light color as basic color.

Decorating Small Spaces Ideas

Third secret for decorating small spaces use ceiling is keeping ceiling look simple. By painting ceiling with white, it will make this ceiling is looked clean and tidy. It is unnecessary to install corner moulding block. It’s good to decorate, but it will make ceiling look lower.

Fourth secret is installing full length curtain on window. It has similar function with vertical line pattern to make ceiling look higher. It’s good if this curtain has vertical pattern too, or at least this curtain come with simple ornament. Avoid to choose full length curtain with horizontal pattern.

Fifth secret is installing artwork with vertical line. Artwork can be an art painting or wall sculpture. Selecting only artwork with vertical design, style and pattern.

Sixth secret is installing big mirror. Big mirror can maximize effect of natural light to make brighter this room.

Seventh secret is decorating wall with faux painting where on top side has lighter color than bottom. Lighter color will create impression that I seem look far from bottom.

Eighth secret is selecting furniture with lower size. Lower size furniture can add additionally space on vertical direction, so ceiling will be looked higher.

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