9 Ideas To Create Green Colored Rooms

Green Colored Furniture

Dou you want to feel fresh like living on green environment? Try to make green colored rooms. Green is popular color to create fresh, calm and healing effect. If we like it, these green colored rooms can be created in several ways. Here are nine ideas to create green colored rooms. These ideas are wall paint, art painting, stencil, furniture, rug, lighting, green plants, curtain and wallpaper.

Green Colored Rooms

First idea to create green colored rooms is wall painting. This wall is painted with green. For small home, light green is best choice. To make it beautiful, this green can be varied. We can blend light and bold green as wall color. One wall side behind sofa for homeowner is painted with bold green. It will be interesting wall focal point on living room.

Green Colored Bedrooms

Second idea to make green colored rooms is installing art painting. Art painting with landscape or nature theme are perfect for decorating this room. These art painting theme are usually use green as main color. Besides to make room is looked beautiful, this art painting is also bring freshness on this room.

Green Colored Furniture

Third idea is decorating with stencil. Stencil with floral, tree and animal theme on green colors are good to be applied on room wall. To decorate with stencil is simply. Just use roller to print these pictures through screen printing with these picture themes.

Fourth idea is selecting furniture color. Furniture with green color has same effect with green color on wall. Soft furniture is good choice to relax and rest.

Fifth idea is green rug. This rug can complete green furniture. It’s good combination to decorate living room with green furniture and green rug. Rug from soft material is felt comfortable for legs. If we want our guests feel relax, these green furniture and rugs are good choice.

Sixth idea is lighting. Lighting now has several function. Besides for serving its main function to brighten room, lighting is also used as color therapy. Green lighting has good effect for healing purpose. It’s good to be used as sleeping lamp on bedroom.

Seventh idea is putting green plants. Putting green plants on living room, family room, bedroom and kitchen have positive effect to bring freshness. To keep these plants are looked fresh, it has to be watered every day. Put them on place with enough natural light.

Eighth idea is installing green curtain on window. It’s smart tip to transform natural light become green. It will be such as green filter for natural light.

Ninth idea is wallpaper. Decorating wall with wallpaper is smart, fast and easy way. Before installing this wallpaper, make sure this wall has flat surface to get best result. Wallpaper with green color can be found on store with various patterns and styles.

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