9 Ideas To Create Purple Bedrooms For Teenagers

Purple Bedroom Designs

In color theory, purple means sensitivity, love, dignity, passion and so on. It has qualities to be teenager favorite color. Besides pink, purple is favorite color to decorate teenager bedroom. This purple bedrooms for teenagers can be created with several ways. Here are nine ideas to decorate teenager bedroom with purple theme. Every girls will love it. These ideas are wall color, wall art, furniture, bedding sets, curtains, decorative pillow, poster print, rug and wallpaper.

Purple Bedrooms For Teenagers

First idea is purple wall color. Decorate purple bedrooms for teenagers by painting wall in purple color is commonly way. To make variation, we can paint in two purple color, light purple and bold purple. Bold purple to create accent color to paint one wall side, while other wall sides are painted with light purple.

Purple Bedding Sets

Second idea is wall art. Wall art like art painting, sticker, vinyl, stencil and mural are great to decorate these  purple bedrooms for teenagers. From these wall art category, sticker and stencil are most popular. Decorating with sticker is easier than stencil. It just paste this sticker into wall. Stencil has to use screen printing. It’s more difficult than sticker, but it’s more elegant.

Purple Bedroom Designs

Third idea is furniture. This common idea. Furniture like bed, cabinet, wardrobe can be chosen in purple color. This purple color can be varied in several ways, such as light purple and bold purple or purple and white.

Fourth idea is bedding sets. Bedding sets like bedding, blanket and pillow in purple are beautiful to beautify this purple bedroom.

Fifth idea is curtain. Window on this bedroom can be decorated with purple curtain. Curtain in solid color or curtain in neutral color then is decorated with purple ornament is good to be install on this window. For small bedroom, avoid to install dark purple curtain or heavy ornament curtain.

Sixth idea is decorative pillow. Purple pillow can be put on bed, chair and rug. Soft pillow with purple color or neutral color and purple ornament are beautiful. It will be useful stuff for decorating and sleeping.

Seventh idea is poster print. This porter print has similar function with art painting, but it’s cheaper than art painting. It can be found easily on the store or internet. For teenager bedroom, poster about Barbie, Cinderella, Dora and so on are good choice.

Eight idea is rug. Bedroom decorating will not complete, before we put beautiful rug on bedroom. Purple rug above white ceramic floor will be looked striking and good.

Ninth idea is wallpaper. Decorating bedroom wall with wallpaper is fast and easy way to transform this bedroom into new look in fast way. It has similar function with sticker and stencil, but it can cover wider area than sticker and stencil.

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