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Fireplace is our requirement, especially if we live in any country which has cold weather. Yes you right that the best place to get freer gathering, playing, and another activity is on outside. But without this equipment, your great activity won’t endure for a long time. It is especially needed outside when you direct connected with the air. Exploit your exterior free place to be useful place is always need our creativity. But I have prepared some outdoor fireplace pictures, so you can consider what your exterior will be if you imitate it?Outdoor Fireplace Pictures
First of outdoor fireplace pictures is about backyard. You can start with the important thing we talk about; make any fireplace design you like, or you can prefer to imitate like on the picture. Then build some roof from wood, feel free too on this design, but make the roof not to closed enable to enjoy the sun sight. And brick stone floor is good complement there. Last, put some seat there, don’t put sofa there, otherwise I recommend you to use wood chair or stainless steel remember that the roof not closed enough, and will be a problem if it happen.Outdoor Fireplace Pictures Stone
If you see on the second outdoor fireplace pictures above, maybe remind you about such as hall. Than you confuse how to enjoy your outside activity between unstable weather, maybe it’s the best to have some open hall to gathering outside. No need to worry it will be rain or cold. You just place your outdoor fireplace there and do what you want.Outdoor Fireplace Pictures Designs
Actually there is much more outdoor fireplace design, but it isn’t always about brick stone fireplace. There are also available portable fireplace which can be used everywhere you need. There are having many shapes like top circle, square like on the picture above, and many more types.

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